Sunday, April 16, 2017


He was a drunk.

I know the facts,
I know.
He was always
striving for perfection
as an imperfect human,
an internal storm
spewed sadness and anger.

How do you tell someone
that he was so much more?
When I was little he liked
to hold me in his lap,
and later during my teen years
we went to Fenway together.
He made the best fish chowder,
he liked his coffee black
and he had an infinity for
fluff or whipped cream and fruit
on his pancakes.
He loved to travel now and again,
He loved family weddings
and he was drawn to the work of
Andrew Wyeth,
And in the last few decades of his life
he gave up drinking,
he softened.

The word
assaulted me,
saddened me,
how can
one word
a person?
I prefer


Mary Ann Reilly said...

Drunk is harsh and yet I imagine at times it fit, just as later, reformed did. I like the idea of sobriety. Sober living.

travelinma said...

Drunk is a word that shakes me.

Claudette Guay said...

At least he reformed , that is one consolation and helps to make good memories. Hugs.