Tuesday, January 19, 2016

all I want

Sleep deprivation is the worst.  I have a device that tells me just how little sleep I've gotten on a given night.  The truth is, I don't need a device to tell me; I can just feel it.  At about 1:30 today, I needed a nap.  Five hours of restless sleep one night cannot be followed with another night like this.

Bedtime in our house is 10 pm. Truthfully, there are some nights that it is so dark and cold that I barely make it past 8.  Teenagers on the other hand have internal clocks suddenly gone haywire.  Hearing the beeping of the microwave timer woke me as did the smell of food.  11:30 pm is the perfect time to be eating chili, isn't it?  I guess sleeping AND eating habits are wacky.  45 minutes earlier, I had gotten  out of bed and reminded that it was way past bedtime.  Slipping back under the blankets,  I heard my husband mumble that he too had gotten up declaring it bedtime. So I lay in bed wide awake. Annoyed. I tossed and turned for hours.

The dark winter has been kind and gentle to me and my family. Ordinarily the teenagers succumb to the need to hibernate and sleep at night.  Last evening was an exception.  At least, I am hoping that tonight will  be different and we will all be able to get some quality sleep. Since the big pot of chili was prepared ahead for tonighs supper; surely the finicky teen will not be up eating chili until wee hours of the morning.  She can't possibly have two consecutive meals eating the same thing.  I might just get some sleep especially if she is as tired as I am. 

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