Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Journey

Confusion holds the potential to mire us to inaction. In this world of lightning fast information, we are inundated with conflicting views and perspectives. Sometimes it is wise to just do the best you can. This principle can be applied to losing weight/becoming healthier, organizing your space or teaching someone to read. Maybe the "Just Do It" slogan is appropriate here, however I think that one's mind has to be in the game. Perhaps that slogan offers simplistic advice for a complex issue. How I finally became mentally prepared to tackle my health challenges remains a mystery. I do know that for me, whether it is taking steps to prevent diabetes through healthy choices or teaching First Graders to read;  I am supported through the process. Neither is easy. Both activities can be successful through a series of decisions which are supported by another knowledgable person. In order to lose 49 pounds, I needed to educate myself and make decisions about foods and exercise. Since July, I have been supported by clinicians who specialize in diabetes prevention. It took two years of gentle prodding by health professionals to help me to commit. 

In the end, I think a number of factors contributed to that first step. Knowing that I am not alone in this journey and that I feel supported by others has helped me to overcome obstacles and stay the course. Reflecting daily through journaling or meditation on how my actions and thinking are rewiring my brain is also motivating. I am creating new ways to care for and nurture myself. Never before have I been able to sustain a degree of self-care. This journey is learning to love myself; knowing that I am worthy and knowing that I am good enough. I am learning to listen to my inner wisdom.  

This is a solo journey that is all my own, yet it is not. I need others to support and guide me like my friends in my Diabetes Prevention Program or my husband who reaches for my hand as we walk under the stars in darkness. I can't go it alone.

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Claudette Guay said...

You are an inspiration for me. Maybe now I will be able to finally loose the weight my doctor wants me to loose. You are a grave loving young lady surrounded by many who love you. Hugs.