Saturday, January 30, 2016


I started down the rabbit hole. Slippery underfoot. No phone. Deep in the woods. Hit head. Rex is no Lassie. The uneasiness settled around me. The woods various shades of gray reflected the skies; a heavy quiet. Rust colored leaves perhaps oak dangled on delicate ends of branches. Rough bark burst in vertical splits exposing a reddish flesh. Rex and I trudged through the crusty coating of snow. Rex making his mark while I noted colors beyond gray and acknowledged its' all about perspective. My footing firm, my mind occupied, I passed familiar surroundings with a new eye. There was a new stream cutting through the now drained pond. It is odd there are so many things I had nearly brushed against, but had not noticed. 

Uneasiness prompted me to keep Rex on leash, however I didn't know why and I didn't second guess the feeling. My dog is friendly, however not all dogs are. Our usual walking route is an avenue for dogs and owners to enjoy the wild. Many owners choose to allow their dogs to romp free. I have no problem with that, however if your dog has issues the romanticism of a romp with your dog off leash does not compare to the responsibility you have to your dog to circumvent encounters to protect your dog and others.  Rex was nearly attacked. This dog was small, sturdy with pointy white teeth. He lunged for Rex's side and I tried to get between the two dogs while the owner screamed and pulled her dog away. This is the second time I gave a dog owner some advice. "If your dog is iffy. Keep him/her on a leash." It turns out my uneasiness was justified. 

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