Friday, January 29, 2016


I'm trying to get my act together, I really am. Sometimes life is just a tad busier than I would like it to be and I struggle to do it all. Work of course is a priority. Without work there is no health or dental insurance, no food, no clothes, no house, no car.  Work and family is often a balancing act, however I work in an environment that values children and families so that helps. 

    (Here's my family. I am 50+ lbs heavier)

Taking care of myself occupies much of my grey matter. Nothing is automatic. After 30 weeks, I still record what I put in my mouth and how much I move or don't move. Exercise has been particularly challenging with appointments, meetings and graduate classes. Exercising an hour to two hours most days has been taxing, so I am trying to temper my efforts without compromising my health, habit or cumulative efforts. I must be flexible.

Even though I have been on similar journeys before toward regaining my health; I am still learning. This time must be different. I am running out of time. I can no longer afford to neglect myself. It helps that my husband and I are on this path together.

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