Monday, January 18, 2016

No Doubt

The New York Times just published an article about the ill effects of quantifying healthy behavior such as walking by using devices like a Fitbit. The bottom line is that it might very well take the joy from each step, making it a chore. 

Personally, I get this. Weeks ago I complained that all I do is walk and that I don't have a life. This attitude scared me. I don't want to derail my efforts. Historically, I stick with something, any thing so long and the excitement and passion are gone and so am I. Once something is stopped, the hardest thing is the restart. So I have had to adjust my expectations. I no longer track accumulated miles. However, the possibility of this number after six months of walking makes me wonder. Overall, I take fewer steps, but it does not impact weight loss or health to a degree that matters. If it makes my life easier, I am all for it! 

What keeps me motivated during my walks is that I stop and notice. This fills me. At that moment all is right with the world. There is no doubt it is joy and gratitude that will draw me back to walking day after day.

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