Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Responsibility and Teens

My parents worked hard and I knew it. Everyday after school I would prepare supper for my family. Sometimes my mother would prep a few things in the morning before she went to work to help.  Recipes written in my mother's hand would rotate from day to day. Somehow I was still able to play trombone in the band, attending practice on Tuesdays and Thursday's and went to my Girl Scout meetings and Kennebec Girl Scout board meetings. Active and busy I found ways to make life easier for my parents while still having a life. Maybe I was an oddity.

I came home tonight after work to a sink full of dishes. This sight made me swell with disappointment, anger and frustration. Ignoring my reminder to do the dishes is...well disrespectful. It seems I hold value only when something is wanted. Life does not work this way. I am fighting to not take this inaction as a personal snub, but it is hard. Meanwhile, my negative feelings are lodged in my belly and my heart aches. 

These teen years are not among my favorite ones. Someday there will be a shift and we will appreciate each other. Right now, not so much. I'm going for a walk!

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