Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Uncertain Journey

The night was cold and clear. The Big Dipper peered over my left shoulder, but gave little relief to my hesitant feet that shuffled as I walked down my long uneven dirt driveway. I pulled my iPhone out of my pocket; my eyes never adjusted to the darkness. The beam seemed bright, but only cast a light reaching about two steps ahead.  It was a strange sensation to not be able to foresee what was in front of me beyond arm's length.  I just had to trust that I wouldn't walk into any brick walls or unmovable tree trunks.

As I trudged on in near total darkness, I was thinking this a metaphor for life. For my kids, I worry about their distant future. I worry about the state of the world on so many levels.  I worry about our health and financial well-being in retirement. I worry. Yet if I expend all my mind-scape on the future am I not missing the joys of the present?

I often get these not so subtle revelations that are perfectly timed, thanks to The Universe. This journey is indeed uncertain.

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