Friday, January 15, 2016

The Perfect Combination

I grew up in an adult household.  My brother and sister ten or more years my senior.  As a kid, I sought out adults; mostly those who were in the kitchen cooking, eating or sipping tea.  Like most families, food bound us together as we sat around the dinner table, eating and discussing world injustice or the wonder of our first Catholic President.  

Food. I love it.  The textures. The colors and flavor.  Sometimes I spend days anticipating a planned meal.  Is it that I am obsessed with food (really now) or that it is the human interactions that are most important? It is nearly impossible to tease this out.  For instance, tonight some of my children and their significant others who can are coming for dinner.  The shopping list complete, I can hardly wait to push through the door, enter the kitchen and start to chop the vegetables and smell the fragrance of the ginger that will be tucked into pot stickers-perfect little pillows. Tonight will be a perfect combination of people and food I love.

                        The unsmiling brothers

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