Sunday, March 13, 2016

A Life Sweetened

"You know what I am craving?" begins my husband, "Black bean soup." 

"What? Black bean soup. That's weird." I reply. My husband's favorite thing to say just months ago as he sat down to dinner was 'Where's the carne?' While adjusting food choices unwanted weight shifted and became lost; something like 55 pounds and between us 110 total pounds were carved away from our figured.  Even after eight months eating unprocessed foods with little meat,  I still expect him to beg for a big steak slathered with a stick of butter. Instead that evening we each slowly savored a bowl of black bean soup which I found simmering on the stove when I arrived home from work. The dollop of low fat yogurt plopped atop the concoction cooled the heat of the cumin and red pepper. Our meals however simple or elegant have become sustenance fueling  our bodies. More time is spent in the kitchen prepping and cooking with fresh ingredients. Food tastes better. 

This is week 36. Day 238. A slice of life could me a moment, a day or 36 weeks. This is our life sweetened by health.

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Anonymous said...

You have made big changes, for sure. Good for you, and continued good health!