Monday, March 14, 2016


Sleep for me is hit or miss. The pillow has to have just the right fluff, the comforter not too heavy, but heavy enough and there must be no snoring.  A condition for  more consistent sleep was discovered recently purely by accident.  Each night I snap the ends of a fleecy navy blue travel pillow around my neck.  I sleep like a baby; I am unsure that I even move.  Perhaps this feigns being supported and cradled by my mother?  I miss her so.

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Heather Dorr said...

Your titles always catch my eye and spark my curiosity. I am never disappointed by the content that follows. My heart aches a bit with your last line...the way you connect comfort and sound sleep to the safety of your mother's arms. I didn't see it coming and it weighs on my heart, causing me to pause and reflect on the comfort of my mother's presence and the comfort I provide for my daughter. Thank you for sharing this. Hugs to you my friend.