Thursday, March 17, 2016

Faith and Love

Nearly 60 years ago today my mother dressed in a hospital johnny was praying fervently to St. Jude, the Saint of Hopeless Cases. Having lost two babies and birthing two premature babies previously, she knew the news was potentially grim as her two pound something baby was whisked away for medical intervention. 

Following my mother's passing.  I found a prayer book on her bedside stand; tucked inside was a small card with a painting of St. Jude and the prayer my mother recited over and over on my behalf. A woman of faith, she attributes the miracle of my earthly existence to this saint. In my mind it was that and the inestimable power of my mother's love. On the anniversary of my birth I am filled with gratitude and love for my mother.


Anonymous said...

Oh your mom is precious. What a gift to share with us all.
I'm thankful for your post on faith and what it means as a mother.

Beth Scanlon said...

I love the old photos! A great family story!

Alice Nine said...

A beautiful story. There is no richer heritage than to be the child of a woman of "faith and love." Thank you for sharing!