Friday, March 11, 2016


All day I have been sniffing out something worthy to write and feel like one of my students who sits in front of a blank page for eternity; struggling. I agree that there is extraordinary in the ordinary of life, however today has been pretty darn, well ordinary. Rise, shower, eat, brush teeth, drive, teach, eat, drive, cook, eat, walk, and write. (See, I told you.)

After a lovely walk alone drifting along my sleepy little town under the magic of stars, I sit at home reclining with my dog Rex stretched across my lap. I tap out this message on my iPhone because we exist without WiFi. I write about an ordinary  day with ordinary moments, yet in reality these quiet, much-needed days are gifts filled with peace and gratitude.

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Heather Dorr said...

You have written about an ordinary day in an extraordinary way. I crave these days and look forward to them during the hustle and bustle of the week.