Saturday, March 26, 2016

No Apologies

I am a collector. A collector of things that result in creations that feed me in so many ways. Pinterest has become a daily repository for recipes. I like to think that my grandfather, a gifted chef passed on these genes, this passion for food. In turn one of my sons is also a chef and creates culinary masterpieces, that once I partake, I think about it for months. The flavors. The textures. The presentation. Doesn't everybody?

Is it ok that I am a foodie? Is it ok that I think about crafting dishes throughout the day and I preplan meals in my head days in advance. 

"You think about food all the time!" my husband pointed out in what I took as an accusatory tone. In my head I am thinking, SO? 

Since that day I have come across surprising evidence, at least to me, that some people hold gray matter between their ears that does not function as a food think tank. Has my preoccupation with food contributed to my struggles with weight? Is what I hold dear a combination of environment and genetics? Is this a big deal or not?

At this present moment it is not. I review recipes mostly for health and the expectation of pleasuring myself and others. Some collect art. I collect recipes and display and share my creations with others. I define myself as an artist and a cook. I think about food and I am not about to apogize for anything! At least not right now.


Noel Kaczmarczyk said...

I also find food and cooking a craft. Cooking to me is therapeutic and a way to express my love for those around me ( well at least when the recipes are successful).

travelinma said...

I have had my share of flops too.

Indie Pendance said...

I don't cook so much anymore. But I never stop thinking about food. And in my mind, I am willing to try all sorts of new recipes! I love the way you describe your art. I think that cooking is art. Those who are consumed with food have a distinct calling.

writintime said...

"some people hold gray matter between their ears that does not function as a food think tank"
I love this and I also feel that the "food" in your think tank is just a different version of the (fill in the blank) think tank we all, if we are fortunate enough, walk around with. My husband's think tank is full of fabricating stuff to dig tunnels and build bridges, he does not understand my think tank which leans way more to the less concrete; books, thoughts, ideas, plans!

I guess more than anything it is our reaction to another's comment about our passions. So I am going to sound interested in cranes and TBM's and I'll pretend I don't notice if someone does not seem to hold my same passions. Rock on, food think tanker!