Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Bring It On!

The wind drummed passed my ears. It was neither cold nor particularly warm. It was an in between temperature which made it hard to dress for a walk. I didn't bother changing from my teaching clothes which consisted of boots, leggings and a silk like tunic. Three quarters of the way through my walk, I dropped my down jacket exposing my shoulders while the crook of my elbows held the folds of my outerwear. Earlier fatigued and unmotivated I forced myself out the door and into the darkness. Before I reached the car to drive to my seating point, I craned my head upward. No stars. Twinkling stars brighten evening skies and spirits. 

My teaching life is a blessed one. I facilitate the learning of reading. I have had First Graders cry when they realize they can read. It is a profound, yet complicated and delicate orchestration of observing, interpreting and making teaching decisions to support the learner while encouraging independence. I love my job except for one thing; I sit all day.

At 7:15 pm, I found I had nearly 5,000 more steps to meet my goal for the day. Feeling sorry for myself because my husband wanted to stay home, I grumble out the door. Once downtown I walk what begins like a forced march. 

Thirty minutes or more later, steps from returning to the car, I reflect on the benefits of going solo and conclude it's not so bad.  My mind cleared notions of fatigue, obsessive worry about the cause and a flurry of thoughts about kids, property and money. 

Once home I noticed that my husband has set up the Parcheesi board. After my walk, I am ready to take on the world which includes a competitive spousal game. Bring it on!

5 comments: said...

Good for you for going on that walk! I need to start getting my 10K steps... haven't been good about that lately.

sroeck said...

That sounds like my night tonight. I still haven't taken my walk. I will though! Have fun playing your game with your spouse. Mine is really competitive!

travelinma said...

We are a little too competitive!! Makes for a lively night.

Hays Family 5 said...

Sounds like a great evening! Good for you for getting that walk in tonight. Parcheesi is so much fun--Good luck!!

Ramona said...

Kudos to you for heading out to get your steps even when you had to go alone. And while you headed out reluctantly, you returned revived!