Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Lesson Always

Struggling with health recently has certainly put things into perspective for me.  While I suspect that my challenges are short lived and temporary, the origin of my debilitating fatigue remains unknown. I continue to walk, eat whole unprocessed foods, I began taking vitamins and magnesium and drinking more water.  Doing it all this has not made a difference.  Upon a recommendation of my health care provider, I have been seeing an acupuncturist once a week for a month.

Yesterday I drove about an hour through slush and rain to get there.  After removing my boots in the entry way, I stepped through the threshold and into the waiting area where I was warmly greeted by the practitioner.  I on the other hand, had a major case of brain fog and felt like guzzling a quart of espresso would do little to help revive me. I responded, "I feel like crap." This was my fourth visit and up until that day, I had felt energized.  The acupuncture was steadily increasing my energy and improving my ability to function day to day.  Although it was helping, I was still impatient.  I had things that I had to do and I wanted to feel better, but it wasn't happening fast enough for me.

Skillfully, as I sat on the edge of the table, Vicki the acupuncturist offered me treatment.  It is always followed by a period of rest to help integrate the systems.  My palms get sweaty and my body becomes increasingly warmer when compared to when I first arrived.  Prone on my back, I close my eyes and focus on my breathing.  Intentionally resting; my mind empties, but not fully.  All that comes in the notion of patience.  Patience with the process of getting to know the new healthy me.  Patience with healing and just plain patience for whatever may cause me strife.  In time, I begin to dress while still reflecting upon this lesson.  And before I head out the door, I randomly choose a little virtue card from a mix of dozens dropped in a bowl; my fingers plunge deeply and I touch one and another before one feels just right.  Lifting the card to my eyes, I mouth the word: Compassion.
Patience and compassion.   Isn't it always about the lesson?

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