Thursday, December 10, 2015

Coming Home

When you are going through the terrible twos, adolescence is certainly not on your mind.  However moments, weeks, and months during the stage of adolescence has occasionally sent me to the brink of wanting out. Give me a room of two year olds and I'm good.   It is understandable why some mothers  abandon their children for a time.   For me, a walk in the woods for an hour tends to revive my spirit.  

The anticipation has been building for a few months since I made the plane reservation.  After being away at college since August, one of my teens is returning home to his family, his home in Maine.  Adventurous, he wanted to experience another part of the country and never come home again.  Yet after these months away he admits he misses us.  He admits he misses Maine.  

Those trying years never prepared me for the ache that I would feel in his absence.  Tomorrow my boy is coming home.  That is all I can think about.  I may just not sleep tonight anticipating his return home.  His stay here will be for over a month-not long enough for me.  

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