Sunday, December 13, 2015

One Solution

I think about thinking.

Sometimes, I drive myself wild with my thoughts; habitual thoughts and patterns that get me stuck.   However, I am inching along this journey and pretty much OK.  Walking along the shore path yesterday during the early morning hours I could see clearly across the bay toward a range of mountains worn and rough, beaten by the wind and weather.  Sometimes feeling discouraged and beaten, I recognize that I am continually growing and reinventing myself as God's creation.   Despite this, I still carry what is no longer useful or healthy.  Yesterday on my walk I imagined dropping little bread crumbs (pieces of my former-self) along the path as I walked.  

Consciously and at times unconsciously I am approaching life and dancing to a new beat.  I am working toward gentleness and more kindness toward myself and others.  The other night, I had two dreams the first being quite vivid.  Both had a message imparting the importance of kindness.  In my dream, I hugged a woman that in reality I disagree with quite regularly.  My dealings with her through the years have filled me with frustration.  Presently, I also know that this woman is struggling and has been burdened with much in her life.  Despite our differences, kindness dissolves the importance of these differences.

The world is crumbling.  In reinventing ourselves, we can create space for love, peace, hope and real joy.  It reminds me of a hymn sung regularly in church when I was young, "Let peace begin with me..."  Real change is possible with awareness and intent.  If I want change, I am the only one that can do it.  Individual drops create a dynamic ocean.

Peace springs from the seeds of kindness.  Collectively, we can change the world. 


Kimberley Moran said...

With every moment, we have the ability to make a small change in the world. We cannot let ourselves be overwhelmed by everything bad that might happen, but instead be happy for the small joys we find every single day. I think the way people got through internment camps and horrific situations was by working hard to find the tiniest bit of hope that the world would be okay. You are doing such great things right now. Keep writing it out and keep walking it through. You've got the power of a mustard seed. I know it. I've seen it.

Jamie Kowalski said...

Your self awareness is inspiring. If we could only all visualize our trail of breadcrumbs as we metamorphosize throughout our journeys, and to know, we have had the choice all along <3