Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Small Town Feel

In just over four months I have walked 600 or so miles; fitting in steps whenever I can. Walking early in the morning miles into the woods or by lamplight near the furious or calm sea-I have felt safe. I reside in a small town on an island off the coast of Maine where the population swells during the summer months. During this time,  I jockey for a clear lane on the sidewalks clogged with all sorts of people from around the world. Vacationers don't rush, but walk arm in arm at a snail's pace. I nearly run. In colder months, I may not see another person walking through town. 

Yesterday I spent the day preparing for the holiday. Dozens of cookies hidden away from the teens in the house; I had not a minute to walk during daylight hours. Late at night, after an "Ugly Sweater Party" I walked. First with my husband and later on my own. My husband retreated to the warmth of the car. The wind off the sea was fierce, sneaking around the corners of stores with windows displaying down jackets, scarves and extreme temperature gloves. My hand at my throat, clutched my hood securing it from the wind keeping me that much warmer. As I walked past the car and my husband, I thought of the glorious heated seats. He was warm and I kept walking. Few cars on the street,  he followed close behind me;our red car crawled sending beams to light my way. A police officer in an SUV drove by, turned around, stopping beside me his patrol car a barricade between my husband and me. 

"Is everything OK?" he queried. 

"Yes. I know it looks suspicious. That's my husband. He's cold and I am trying to get my steps in. Thanks so much. I knew you were going to come check. 'Appreciate it."

He drove off. My husband in the warmth of the car continued to crawl behind me. I walked knowing that my little village is safe and I can walk lit by the stars, the moon or beams sent by my husband. We look out for each other. It does take a village. Bravo to the vigilance of the Bar Harbor Police force and others who work  toward preserving the safety of our small town.

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