Friday, December 25, 2015

Wishes for Today

  Walking Along The Shore Path 12/24/15

Merry Christmas! Venus is bright in the early morning sky.  Tonight is a full moon. There are  plans for a morning hike with the family and another  this evening under the benefit of a full moon.

As a kid, I barely slept during the transition of Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning. My parents would finally shuffle out of bed and into the living room; coffee in hand. Before this hours would drag as I quietly investigated each package with a shake. The afternoon filled with food, more food, naps and board games. My mother was a big fan of games and would include at least three new ones under the tree. 

Present shaking is no longer a pastime. I am still up early in anticipation. It's not the gifts. It's not the food, but the gathering of family and friends, the connecting, the stories and the talk. It's the chance to make new memories; new traditions. Temperatures are expected to near 60 degrees. It is Christmas Day people! We live on an island that draws crowds from around the world. I bet  a good number of them don't get out of their car to walk or hike. I don't tire of walking on this island. Today I won't be alone. A long line of Keenes will be on the trail making memories.

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