Monday, December 28, 2015

Content Under All Conditions

While it lasted, I was ever so grateful. As expected winter weather and not so mild temperatures have arrived. This won't be a post mottled with complaint, but an exercise to be content under all conditions. When there is ice underfoot; I will go to the Y. Options aplenty. Solutions abound.

However as a kid, we all dressed in layers and had at least two pairs of snow pants to change into half way through the day. There were hills to conquer on toboggan or flying saucer, forts to me made and little patches of ice to run and glide across. From the first signs of daylight until just before supper, anyone younger than 15 was outside; celebrating winter.

From this day forward, I am making the best of each day no matter what is falling from the sky. Let's all bundle up and enjoy it with the gusto of a kid. 

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