Saturday, December 19, 2015

Taking It All

During the last few weeks of my life, I have been reminded over and over that multi-tasking is a futile attempt to save time. Instead, I lose things; I never found the check  my brother wrote me. Trying to help, he suggested I read a book to organize my life. The suggestion only made me mad. All the responsibites I have in my life; I think I do pretty well. Eight kids. I work full-time. Sitting through meeting after meeting at work and appointment after appointment sometimes two in an afternoon after school several days during the week. I think I do well. My sister weighed in. I felt ganged up on. My brother who operates in piles and my sister who is the other extreme judged me. I felt less than even though they were only trying to help.

More than once my sweet hairdresser has watched me search and search for my debit card to pay for her service. The longer I searched through wallets and zippered pouches the more anxious I got. Maybe I am disorganized? 

There are some aspects of my life in which I am organized and others' not so much. Lists help. My brain works in files,  but not consistently. The savory spices are on one side of the cupboard while the sweet are in the other. See, I can be organized. 

In the rush of life I am not always present. Mindfulness creates calm. This is the challenge when I am spinning so many plates at once. During this crazy time; I work hard to be present. It is not easy.  I am human. Imperfect.  I am who I am.

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