Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Early morning. The words flow onto the page. My editor is still snoozing.

My friend Kimberley has been practicing early morning writing for more than a year .  Every day. She read that one author describes the time as twilight; when the writer is half asleep, half awake. The premise is that hopping out of bed and writing before rubbing the sleepy seeds from your eyes promises the words to come easily. 

Here I am. Early morning and it is still dark. Things are not going as I planned. Every light in the house is on. The weatherman blares-clouds spots. My husband sitting nearby on the couch lifts his coffee mug and takes a sip. I hear the slight smack of satisfaction with each taste. I am not alone with my words. My purring kitty slowly creeps across my chest looking for love. She becomes an obstacle between me and the keyboard. The dog jumps up and also leans in from the opposite side pressing against my leg. I am not alone as planned, yet the words still come.

It must be the magic of twilight. I am not alone, yet it is a perfect time to write.

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